Cities of the World: Dubai United Arab Emirates

Cities of the World: Dubai United Arab Emirates
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2009 | 60 min.
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The United Arab Emirates are the pearls of the Persian Bay. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are commercial and tourist centers. The cities are dominated by office buildings, luxury hotels and shopping malls, but down below are old towered houses, 'souqs', roofed bazaars, mosques with multiple towers, markets and harbors. Museums of the ancient forts keep alive traditions of the ancient Arab folklore. Thanks to duty free regime, shopping malls are cheap and offer designer clothing, as well as technical gadgets, pearls and oriental rugs. Dubai's golden bazaar can be a port of destination. The Burj al Arab hotel, shaped as a wind blown sail, is a forerunner of futuristic buildings, the Palm Islands and the underwater hotel. The metropolises are surrounded by desert, with sand dunes and oases, Bedouin tents and camel caravans.