Canta Mi Son! (Sing My Song!): Learn Spanish By Juanita Ulloa

Canta Mi Son! (Sing My Song!): Learn Spanish By Juanita Ulloa
2009 | Language: Spanish
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Learn Spanish through one of the world's most festive and vibrant styles of music: mariachi!

Song Listing:

1. Canta Mi Son! (Sing My Song)

2. Vamos a la Fiesta (Let's Go to the Party)

3. En Tejas Hay Buen Mariachi (Texas has Great Mariachi)

4. Corazon de Chapulin (Heart of a Grasshopper)

5. Paloma Blanca (White Dove)

6. Las Gaviotas (The Seagulls)

7. Mariachi Infantil (Youth Mariachi)

8. Rancho Alegre (Happy Ranch)

9. Arrurru Tejano (Texas Lullaby)

10. La Carita (The Cute Little Face)

11. Como Mexico No Hay Dos (There's Nothing Like Mexico)

12. El Guajolote Goloso (The Turkey Who Ate Like a Pig)

13. Canta Mi Son! (Spanish Pronunciation Track)

14. Vamos a La Fiesta! (Spanish Pronunciation Track)

15. En Tejas Hay Buen Mariachi (Spanish Pronunciation Track)

16. Corazon De Chapulin (Spanish Pronunciation Track)

17. Paloma Blanca (Spanish Pronunciation Track)

18. Las Gaviotas (Spanish Pronunciation Track)

19. Mariachi Infantil (Spanish Pronunciation Track)

20. Rancho Alegre (Spanish Pronunciation Track)

21. Arrurru Tejano (Spanish Pronunciation Track)

22. La Carita (Spanish Pronunciation Track)

23. Como Mexico No Hay Dos (Spanish Pronunciation Track)

24. El Guajolote Goloso (Spanish Pronunciation Track)

25. Canta Mi Son! (Karaoke Track)

26. Vamos a La Fiesta! (Karaoke Track)

27. En Tejas Hay Buen Maraichi (Karaoke Track)

28. Corazon De Chapulin (Karaoke Track)

29. Paloma Blanca (Karaoke Track)

30. Las Gaviotas (Karaoke Track)

31. Rancho Alegre (Karaoke Track)

32. La Carita (Karaoke Track)

33. Como Mexico No Hay Dos (Karaoke Track)