Global Treasures: Aleppo, Syria

Global Treasures: Aleppo, Syria
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2007 | 10 min.
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Sturdy walls and gates protect the ancient historic city of Aleppo in Syria. The narrow lanes in the old town, and its historic buildings, have retained the character and charm of a medieval metropolis. The city has a flourishing economy, mainly due to its location at the junction of several trading routes. In 1169, the Umayyade Mosque was rebuilt at the command of the Zengid monarch, Nureddin. Only its impressive minaret has survived to the present day. The Baits are true architectural gems of the 17th and 18th centuries, noble and palatial looking buildings that once belonged to the city's elite class. Today, Aleppo shines out in the glory of its 6000 years of history and continues to highlight its significance as one of the most important cities in the Orient.