AM and PM Yoga For Beginners

AM and PM Yoga For Beginners
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2002 | 100 min.
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Include two workouts: A.M. Yoga for Beginners: This 20 minute yoga practice with Rodney Yee is the perfect way to start your day by energizing your body and calming your mind. Video starts with a Conscious Relaxation focusing on breathing, then glides into a series of yoga poses that are simultaneously relaxing and energizing. It ends with seated Guided Meditation. P.M. Yoga for Beginners: This 20 minute program is designed to balance, calm, and revitalize you at the end of the day. It starts with centering poses: gentle stretches bringing awareness and quiet to your senses. Standing poses release tension, increase circulation, expand the lungs, and help you breathe more deeply. Forward bends cool the body and bring quiet to the nervous system. Final restorative poses are so relaxing that you may fall asleep.