Education, Inc (Public Library Pricing-Circulation Only)

Education, Inc (Public Library Pricing-Circulation Only)
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2016 | 59 min.
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Media Education Foundation
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Education, Inc. is a film about the accelerating movement to privatize America’s public schools. Filmmaker and parent Brian Malone travels to public school districts across the country to see for himself what the privatization movement is all about, and to determine what it would mean for his own kids if we abandoned our public school system.

Weaving striking footage from school protests and raucous school board meetings with commentary from some of the best-known educators in the country, Malone shows how private investors, large education corporations, and other for-profit interests have been quietly and systematically privatizing America's public education system under the banner of "school choice." Along the way, he clarifies the key issues at stake, and makes a powerful case for why public education matters.

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School Library Journal (February 2018)