America Derailed: The Fall From Greatness

America Derailed: The Fall From Greatness
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2017 | 120 min.
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The once great United States of America is now more like a dilapidated locomotive gone off the tracks. Never has there been more political unrest, anger and confusion in our once great country. Despite the advancements of technology and the perhaps delusional notion of progress, America has never been more divided or more in upheaval since the Civil War. Explore the history behind how we got here today and the horrors our government has committed along the way in this comprehensive two DVD set.

America's Secret History: Discover the true origin of the United States of America and explore the occult origins of its signs and symbols revealing that secret societies are responsible for how we live our daily lives in this modern free world and the ruling elite who have been orchestrating our world for centuries.

American Mind Control: After WWII, the US proceeded to experiment on innocent citizens in an effort to determine how to interrogate spies during the Cold War. Chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and physical abuse were considered a means to an end but not before the CIA destroyed thousands of documents to hide their illegal activity.