(Yes, Really) by Glen Tickle

(Yes, Really) by Glen Tickle
2016 | 61 min.
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Comedian Glen Tickle shares his stories, recorded live.

Story Listing:

1. Introduction

2. Mr. Tickle, Mr. Tickle! Give Me a Hug!

3. Tickles Mister, Officer, And Private

4. My Daughter Tess

5. High School Students Want Jokes

6. Remember Alderaan/Why Is the Sky Blue?

7. I'm Sorry Miss Jennings (Ooh! I Am for Real)

8. Don't Cry. It's Only a Joke!

9. Elvis, The Bear, And Thor God of Thunder

10. I'm Going to Blow up the Sun

11. Snipping the Lingual Frenulum

12. It's Apple Sauce Time, Daddy

13. What Better Spiritual Guide Than a 900 Year Old Jedi Master?

14. Thomas the Tank vs. Tayo the Bus

15. The Shawshank Redemption 2: The Shawshank Reredemption

16. The Vapors, Swagger, And Ankylosing Spondylitis

17. Hay vs. Straw: Dawn of Just Grass

18. Fozzie Bears Casting a Fireball Spell

19. The Unforeseen Consequences of Toddlers

20. A Is for Amelia, The D Is for Daddy

21. Domo Arigato, Mr. Toyboto

22. Five Years of Petty Vengeance

23. Garaba