Daniel Boone: Trailblazer (1956)

Daniel Boone: Trailblazer (1956)
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2015 | 422 min.
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Includes: Daniel Boone, Trailblazer: Having established the fort at Boonesborough, Daniel Boone (Bruce Bennett) is leading settlers to the lands. Simon Girty, white renegade, is stirring up tribes against the fort and homesteaders. Much depends upon Boone's relationship with his blood brother, Shawnee Chief Blackfish (Lon Chaney), which is put to the test. Hawkeye & The Last of the Mohicans: A white trapper, Hawkeye, and his Native American blood brother, Chingachgook (Lon Chaney, Jr.) struggle for justice amidst the turbulence of war. Featuring ten episodes based on the novel by James Fenimore Cooper. The Great Indian Wars Documentary: Documents the true story of the struggle for territory between whites and Native Americans as Europeans encroached upon their land.