Daniel Boone: True American Legend (1956)

Daniel Boone: True American Legend (1956)
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2015 | 398 min.
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Films include: Daniel Boone: A True American Legend: Settlers join an expedition under the leadership of Daniel Boone (George O'Brien) to leave North Carolina and into Kain-tu-kee. Since a peace treaty with the tribes has been signed, they are unaware of the danger they face from a white renegade named Simon Girty (John Carradine). Sitting Bull: General George A. Custer engages Chief Sitting Bull in the ill fated Battle of the Little Big Horn. Battles of Chief Pontiac: When a Hessian colonel, Von Weber (Barry Kroeger), is allowed to take over peace treaty negotiations, conflicts between the Ottawa tribes led by Chief Pontiac (Lon Chaney) and the British Army lead to battle. Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory: Buffalo Bill Cody (Clayton Moore) takes it upon himself to protect his Native American friends when they are framed by a gang of thieves.

Cry Blood, Apache

A one-time prospector recounts a horrific tale to his son, revealing his remorse for having been part of a gang who slaughtered an entire tribe of Indians, with the exception of one woman, who was left alive because she agreed to lead them to a hidden gold mine.