Global Sightseeing Tours: Sultanate of Oman

Global Sightseeing Tours: Sultanate of Oman
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2015 | 26 min.
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The Sultanate of Oman extends from Straits of Hormuz to southern Dhofar. Until the 1970s, the third largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. The white city of Sohar is the historic harbor of the Islamic world. It is guarded by the white Sohar Fort, a structure that dates back to the 14th century. Hajar Mountains, also known as Oman Mountains, extend from Musandam Peninsula in the north to its eastern sections. Nizwa is the religious center of the Omans. Until the 12th century, it was the capital of the Desert State of Oman. Al-Hamra is a 400 year old oasis village that dates back to the reign of Imam Saif Bin Sultan. Members of the Abriyin Tribe settled here, their descendants still live in the Jebal-Akhdar Mountains.