Global Sightseeing Tours: Amman Jordan

Global Sightseeing Tours: Amman Jordan
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2015 | 26 min.
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Amman is an historic metropolis. Ancient times and modern life meet face to face, and poverty and wealth live side by side. The city's roots date back to Biblical times. Abdoun is one of the modern districts. The city's suburbs have been integrated into the megalopolis, now covering several hills. The slopes are crowded with bright terraced houses and villas constructed of limestone. Modern infrastructure connects the residential districts with the old town. The King Abdullah Mosque, with its striking blue cupola, is the largest, most beautiful mosque in Amman. In 1900, the Ottoman Sultan ordered construction of Hedjaz Railroad, designed to unite the Ottoman Empire. Earthquakes and fire have devastated its buildings, but Amman has survived and continues to be a prosperous and vibrant metropolis.