Laura McKenzie's Traveler: Bangkok

Laura McKenzie's Traveler: Bangkok
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2014 | 30 min.
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Bangkok is a fascinating city, with its vistas on the Chao Phraya River. Visit the Temple of the Dawn, or Wat Arun, with its beautiful colors. The Grand Palace has the most revered statue in Bangkok, the emerald Buddha. See the reclining Buddha at Wat Poh, which is also home of Thai massage. Head over to the Weekend Market with all sorts of merchandise, from antiques to livestock. Take a train ride from the Mae Klong Station, visit Chinatown, and enjoy the gold market on Yaowarat Road. Check out the Shangri-la Resort, one of the largest riverfront hotels. The Floating Market is the most unique shopping district in the world, where you can glide through vendors in a hired boat to see merchandise available nowhere else!