Play It Out: Am I Ready For Sex? (How Will I Know?)

Play It Out: Am I Ready For Sex? (How Will I Know?)
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2011 | 27 min.
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Cerebellum Corporation
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Everyone talks about sex; TV shows, movies, magazines, friends and family. It can be confusing and difficult for teens to work out what's true or what information they need to know before making a decision about becoming sexually active. This program outlines the things to consider. This video stresses the importance of knowing about having safe sex. Students will learn that for their physical and emotional health, they must know the facts about sex. If they don't, they need to ask questions and get the answers from health care professionals or other adults they can trust. The program also asks students to explore and think about their own values about sex before they say yes and to realize that abstinence is always a good option.

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School Library Journal (September 2011)