Play it Out: Understanding Sexual Consent

Play it Out: Understanding Sexual Consent
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2011 | 21 min.
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Cerebellum Corporation
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Sometimes it's difficult to know if the person you're with wants to be intimate and even more difficult to ask or find out. Everyone needs to understand what consent is and is not. Students will learn that consent is not passive. Consent is a behavior that clearly shows that the person agrees to the sexual activity at the time. Viewers will learn that giving in is not the same as giving consent and you can't assume consent. The video points out that people may be manipulated into doing things they're not ready or willing to do. The program shows examples of how manipulators use insults and threats to get what they want and that manipulation is not consent. Teens learn that saying yes one time does not imply ongoing consent and that they have the right to change their mind and say no anytime. Students will come to realize that a misunderstanding can cause physical, emotional and legal consequences that can impact the rest of their life.

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Booklist (August 2011)
School Library Journal (September 2011)